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GRADSKA SIGURNOST k.d. (Partnership) is an establishment engaged in providing guarding and security systems. It has been providing these services for 30 years now, in the City of Split and the entire County of Split-Dalmatia. The enterprise employs about 500 employees, all of them with several years of experience in protection and several experts specialised in security-system installation and operating.

Please feel free to contact us. Gradska Sigurnost can satisfy all your requirements and demands.

The enterprise consists of two main divisions:

  1. Guarding of buildings
  2. Protection for cultural, political, sports and other public events
  3. Bodyguards
  4. Protection of money and valuables in transport

We are proud to underline here that we are the first security enterprise in the City of Split equipped to have its own radio communications, helping us significantly in our daily communications and enabling fast and superior flow of information.

If you need any service or advice in the field of security services, please contact us.

  1. Burglar alarm systems
  2. Fire alarm systems

Persons and properties are protected by means of electronic security systems the primary purpose of which is prevention of illegal actions aimed against the guarded persons or properties.

Therefore, do not worry - if you are not on the premises, they are being taken care of by GRADSKA SIGURNOST.

Our long experience and the number of employees guarantee the safety of yourself and your properties. Please contact us about our services or advice.

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